Better projects and translations in Hypertext IDE version 3.11

  • The project format has been upgraded to version 2.0: Version 1.0 was just a dump of the contents of the main Input box (rtfInput). Version 2.0 contains the contents of rtfInput, but also the page title, CSS and JavaScript field contents and Favicon field content. This update is why this is tagged as ‘Major Update or Launch’. (Don’t try and use format 1.0 with 3.11!)

  • Fixed a bug where the New command from the File menu didn’t reset the Favicon, CSS and JavaScript fields.

  • Fixed a bug where Script and Style tags still appeared even if their respective fields were blank.

  • The text inserted when you i.e. insert a link is now affected by the language translation (the paragraph text by default is now ‘Zażółć gęślą jaźń’ in Polish, ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ in English).

  • The File > Load command has been removed, as it wasn’t useful (was more infuriating, because it was pre-compiled HTML code and the editor didn’t support that)


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67 days ago

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Great update!! I love it!