[canceled] thinking about creating an IDE?

*IDE = Integrated Development Enviroment

what are your thoughts?

edit: cancelled cuz i can’t make one lol sorry

Get Hypertext IDE


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Any Updates?? (Maybe you could do some devlogs or something...)

BTW If you have no idea about what to add in the ide.... Firstly please add a section for noobs like me to easily create sites and all cuz my site is so damn bad... I want a revamp.. I want to start blogging there too (I currently use hashnode)


googled but nothing came out, maybe ill start developing from scratch without any tutorials tho

dont expect any updates anytime soon though. schools boutta start

sad np and btw you using c#? You may use win forms


i am


YES!!! MAKE AN IDE!! I would luv seeing it! I mean I really would luv to see an ide being made by you


first off id need to figure out how to make an IDE… XD