Public Release v.1.0!

Was kept as a draft cuz I am a stupid but now it made itself NOT a draft O_O

Original text: Additions are: <bold and italic buttons> <optional HTML 5 Doctype declaration> <reflected instructions text (below the [Convert!] button) with new bold and italic buttons>

Bug reports are welcomed.


Text To HTML v.1.00 Full Release [ARCHIVE] 18 kB
May 15, 2021

Get Hypertext IDE


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I am sorry....But I cant actually get the 3.3 version or 1.3 version... I am a noob Ik... But I jus cant find where the download for it is..edit: I found it lol



I am going to make my portfolio/blogging/software showcase Site using this!!

Btw Do u have discord? If so Can I get ur tag?


im 12, discord is 13+ no?

Oh yea forgot lol! Btw any other media to talk from? Like this is not ideal and everyone can see this lol


yea i mean, i have youtube, and i have roblox (which i dont play on anymore), but dont remember anything else (other than the random twitter account i made just to complete a quest on My Nintendo).